Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feng Shui and My Least Favourite Room, part 4 by Margaret Ullrich

Tomorrow will be 2013's new moon number nine.
A new moon is supposed to mean a new beginning.
I'm not ready for a new beginning.
I'm in a rut.
I'm still on the project from Tisha Morris' book Feng Shui Your Life...

Make your least favourite room your favourite.

Yes, I know I've been working on this for over two months.
And I'll probably still be working on this when the moon turns blue.

Paul and I had a fantastic time in Ottawa.  Really.
Ottawa is becoming one of our favourite places.
So much to see and do, the time just flew by.

But we don't spring back from vacations that fast.
It's been a few years since a vacation energized us.
Now we return, unpack, check out what hurts and rest.

Also catch up on the yard work.
I couldn't believe how many weeds popped up while we were away.
A couple of red tomatoes - yes, they were delicious - and lots of weeds.

I refuse to get stressed out about that damn room.
There aren't any Feng Shui police to see how my least favourite room is doing.
But neighbours do notice if the place has an abandoned, weedy look.
Property values and all that.
So that took top priority when we had the energy to do the work.
The yard and garden look respectable again.

To be honest, I'm proud of having thrown out a whole roll out big blue cartload of recyclable stuff from my least favourite room.
Yes, a whole big blue roll out cart!
Another two carts' worth of stuff ought to do it. 
Things I once thought had sentimental value now just seem like junk.
To be honest, sometimes I can't quite remember what was so important about the item, event or person anymore.
Maybe there's something good about senior moments and failing memories.

About tomorrow's new moon...
According to the folks at
A new Moon is always a wonderful time to start something fresh, or perhaps begin the next phase of a project you've already started. ...infuse your projects, dreams, and goals with Virgo's practicality to make more progress this week than you have in awhile! 
Helpful aspects from Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto give you extra energy, stamina, and enthusiasm. 
At the next full Moon you'll have a chance to stand back and assess your progress.

Virgo will make me practical, eh?
Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will give me extra energy, eh?
I can use all the help I can get.
The job will be done.
I just don't know when.

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