Thursday, May 7, 2015

Carmela Soprano’s Desserts, Cakes and Cookies

After feasting upon Carmela's appetizers and Carmela’s vegetable and pasta courses your guests might still have a tiny bit of room for a dessert.

Why not treat them to a total Soprano feast!

Since I first started posting Carmela’s recipes there have been two top favourites:
Carmela Soprano's Mom's Pear and Grappa Pound Cake and
Carmela Soprano's Ricotta - Pineapple Pie (Cheesecake)

About the Ricotta - Pineapple Pie…
If you’re looking for a cheesecake recipe, you’ll find an assortment in this post.
Some take a bit of effort, while there are a few that just need refrigeration.
All are good.

If you’re looking for something a little different - or would like to prepare a platter of cookies - here are a few recipes you might like to try.


Carmela Soprano's Pears al Vino Bianco  - Pears in White Wine

Carmela Soprano's Tortoni - Almond Cream Dessert

Carmela Soprano's Zuppa Ingles - Neopolitan Trifle

Carmela Soprano's Cream Puffs - Baked Sfingi and Ricotta Cream Filling


Carmela Soprano's Cassata - Iced Sponge Cake with Ricotta Filling 
     Palm Sunday Customs

Carmela Soprano's Tiramisu - Ladyfingers and Nillas

Carmela Soprano's Torta Caprese - Capri Chocolate Almond Cake 
     How to Separate Eggs


Carmela Soprano's Anginetti - Italian Lemon Knot Cookies with Lemon Glaze

Carmela Soprano's Venetians - Rainbow Cookies

Carmela Soprano's Mostaciolli - Spiced Chocolate Cookies with Rum Frosting

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