Friday, May 8, 2015

Carmela Soprano’s Italian Main Courses with Meat

The family is coming for a big family dinner.
Are they ever in for a treat!

Something for everybody… 
More or less.
There is Uncle Vito.
Uncle Vito… the family patriarch… 
The family meat eater.

No way will he be satisfied with Baked Ziti in Bechamel Sauce.

Uncle Vito wants… no, needs… meat to make his meal complete.
Aunt Carmela will give you THE LOOK if Uncle Vito goes home unhappy.

It won’t end there.
Aunt Carmela will call the relatives.
She'll tell everybody - yes, everybody - Vito had to sit through a cheap meal that didn’t have meat.

And we all know how Uncle Vito needs his meat.
It's for his health, for Christ's sake.
Are you trying to kill an old man?
He needs his protein from REAL MEAT.

No problem.
Here are a few of Carmela’s best meat recipes.
Uncle Vito would love each one of them.

And Aunt Carmela won’t give you THE LOOK.

Carmela Soprano's Sunday Gravy (Tomato Sauce with Meat) and Homemade Meatballs

Carmela Soprano's Lasagne / Anna Sultana's Lasagne, Maltese Style

Carmela Soprano's Cannelloni (Pasta with spinach / veal / pork filling)

Carmela Soprano's Ziti al Forno / Baked Ziti with Tiny Meatballs

Carmela Soprano's Pollo Cacciatore al Forno - Baked Chicken Caccitore (for 4 or 50)

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