Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow - Being 60 (week 29 - by Margaret Ullrich)

It's official.
Winter is here.

Until Wednesday we were having a really mild November.  It was quite nice.  The geese, ducks and seagulls were still in the ponds and we were enjoying feeding them.

Well, that all ended on Thursday when we got 12 centimetres of snow, thanks to an Alberta Clipper that blew in that afternoon.

We knew it couldn't last.

The kids are enjoying sliding on the newly created mountains of snow in the mall's parking lot.  There were also a few fresh snow angels lining the paths to the stores.  Bush bunnies are scampering about, looking for places to stay during the winter.

A blanket of white is covering my garden.  The only bit of green comes from the prostrate junipers in our front yard.

When I see the berries on the junipers, I think of Ma. 

When my folks visited they liked to sit on our front steps, near the junipers.  In College Point Pop could usually be found sitting on the front stoop.  Ma always liked watching people passing by.  There were lots to watch, since my parents' house was on the main street.

Ma sometimes told me about when they visited family in Malta.  Ma and her sister liked to pick the green flower buds of the caper shrubs that grow on the island.  The shrubs are low and prickly, similar to the low lying junipers we have by our house.  

Our junipers made her feel a little more at home.   

Bush bunnies like them, too.

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