Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not Half, Not Ever - Being 60 (week 33 - by Margaret Ullrich)

Barbra Streisand once sang 
People who need people are the luckiest people in the world...  
You were half, now you're whole.


Don't get me wrong.
I love the holiday season.
It really is the time when we remember to be more human, more loving, more caring.

But, sometimes, it's a little unrealistic.

We're confronted with scenes of huge families gathered together and surrounded by hundreds of friends.

Scenes like the ending of It's a Wonderful Life.

If that reflects your life, I'm happy for you.
This is your time.

But, lots of people don't have a whole town's worth of friends.
Lots of us are lucky to have a half dozen good friends... or two.
And during most of the year, that's just fine.
But, it doesn't make for a hell of a movie finale.

No one is half.

And going on a desperate quest for the magical other can be dangerous.  
Some people, convinced they were half, have gotten into some really messy relationships.

Maybe we should just take a deep breath this month, slow down and take an honest look at how our lives are going.
If someone wants a broader social life, fine.  
Not because of a feeling of being a failure, of needing to be made complete.

Take what you've got and go with it.
If there are some rough edges, smooth them.
But, no desperation.

As the other great diva, Aretha Franklin, sang out R E S P E C T

Much better.


  1. I love this post, Marg!! "No one is half" - I absolutely agree. Happy holidays, my dear! You and Paul are always in my thoughts.
    - Elena

  2. Happy you like this post, Elena. I've always thought of you as being at least one and a half. I admire your strength, courage, talent, determination and sense of humor.
    Happy Holiday wishes to you and yours.
    Wishing you health, peace, love and joy in 2011.
    - Marg and Paul


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